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donating materials

The mission of the Portman Archives is to collect and preserve materials which document the life and architectural career of John C. Portman, Jr. and to promote the study and understanding of his vision and legacy for future generations. The archives collects Portman project materials, Portman company materials, and John C. Portman, Jr. personal materials in both physical and digital form.

Please contact the archives prior to donating items; it is best to have an archivist review the materials you wish to donate prior to boxing them and sending them to the archives.  An archivist will talk with you about the materials and which materials the archives wishes to collect.

Some of the types of materials the archives may be interested in are:

-project specific artifacts [specifically grand opening, topping off items]

-Portman company specific artifacts

-photographs and scrapbooks [specifically construction images of the Hyatt Regency

Atlanta, and images of Mr. Portman in his projects]

-audiovisual materials [interviews and films]

-architectural drawings






-correspondence from Mr. Portman


-printed materials [newsletter brochure, filers, invitations]

-related activity materials [from civic, business, religious, political, and social activities]

The Portman Archives accepts donations from internal and external individuals and organizations. The archivists review items offered for donation for their relevance to the collections, preservation and maintenance concerns, and uniqueness.  The size, organization, and physical condition of materials are a major consideration in acquisition, because each involves resource commitments. Due to space restrictions, the archives cannot accept everything it is offered, nor can the archives make guarantees about exhibition or digitization of materials collected.

The archives always seeks additional materials related to its current holdings. As the archives has a very limited budget for purchasing materials, almost all such acquisitions are by gift.

Midnight Sun Restaurant artifacts, courtesy the Mary and John Salvadori Collection.
All images on the Portman Archives website are copyrighted. Please contact us for image requests or more information.
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