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The Portman Archives is open to students and researchers as well as to visitors from institutions all over the world by appointment only.  To request a visit please email and let us know what institution you are part of and what part of the archive collections you are interested in researching. Access to some of the records may be restricted according to the terms of the deposit or donor agreement. The archives reserves the right to decline access to the collections.

The Portman Archives storage vault.

The Archives staff will answer brief telephone inquiries for information, as well as written, and email inquiries. Archives staff can assist distance researchers by providing information about our holdings. The staff will also attempt to research factual inquiries or similar requests of limited scope.

Archives staff cannot perform extensive or evaluative research for members of the general public. Extended research requests done by staff will occur a fee of $5.00 per 15 minutes after the first 15 minutes of free service. You may be advised that a visit to the archives is necessary to conduct research in person. Staff is not able to undertake extensive duplication requests of material for researchers who are unable to visit the archives to examine and select materials. Photocopying of archival material will generate a fee of $0.25 per page, and $5.00 per 15 min will be added after the first 20 pages of photocopied materials.


John C. Portman, Jr., SunTrust Plaza Garden Offices, photo album, Portman Archives

Photography in the Archives:

Researchers will be asked to acknowledge our photography policy in writing. Researchers who plan eventual publication of their work should consult with the archives staff.

Researchers may take photographs of collection materials for study purposes only, and as allowed by the archive, based on the physical condition of the materials, copyright law, and donor restrictions.  The Portman Archives, LLC reserves the right to deny requests or revoke permission for any reason and at any time.  Researchers are liable for all images taken from copyrighted materials.  Researchers who violate image limits will be denied further access to the collections.

AudioVisual requests:

Audio interviews and video footage are available for use; however most of our materials are copyrighted by various news agencies. Please contact the archive directly for more information regarding audiovisual requests.


Historic Image request:

Due to the nature of built works and concerns for public safety, a liability waiver is required for all architectural drawing requests.


Images are available for use; however service fees and copyright permission fees* may apply as follows:


*all Fees are expressed in U.S. Dollars*

Research Service Fees

0-15 minutes of research
$5.00 per 15 min
After first 15 minutes of research
$0.25 per page
Photocopies of Pages
$5.00 per 15 min
Photocopy Service (After the First 20 Pages)

Image Service Fees

Digital File of Image

$36.00 per image
For-Profit Institutions
$5.00 per image
Student/Reference/News Agencies -- first 3 images are free
$10.00 per image
Non-Profit Institutions/Faculty/Academic Journals
New York Marriott Marquis, model, John Portman & Associates

Payment Types Include Check or PayPal. Please contact the archive for further instructions.

$56.00 per image
New Scan of Historic Image
$50.00 per image
Architectural Drawing (PDF)
$140.00 per tube
New scan of Architectural Drawing

Other Image Fees

Copyright Permission Fees

Use for print, e-publication, website, PowerPoint, exhibition, free distribution items, social media, film, and video

$10.00 per image
Students, Faculty, Academic Journals, Non-Profit Institutions, News Agencies
$50.00 per image
For-Profit Institutions
$200.00 per image
Corporate bundle (for a period of 5 years, does not include editorial book or magazine publications)
All images on the Portman Archives website are copyrighted. Please contact us for image requests or more information.
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